Prices and services for
Community Awareness Builder in 2019/2020.

We offer several services to local communities.
The following is most popular:
Gang Awareness Specialist Program
Class room Instructor/ Workshop Facilitator
Personal Motivator Coaching/Group Public Speaker
Music Therapy Program Classes
Winners Circle Classes for ex-cons
Expert Witness for Juvenile cases
Support services for community program developments

Gang Awareness Specialist
This is 32 hours of class instruction over 2 months
“Thug Mentality Exposed”.Maximum 10 people per class there are 3 phases to this class and it is presented with a facilitator.
This program is for everyone dealing with gangs or knows someone who is in a gang. That’s pretty much all of us, right?
Ask us about how to get certified to become a Specialist in your community.

Right Stuff Spiritual Workout
The “Right Stuff” is a 10 day class/ 20 hours
This program is brand new! It addresses us on a very personal and spiritual basis which brings us to making wiser choices in our life.
It comes in Workbook style. You can buy the workbooks and teach it yourself OR you can have a professional come and teach a class or do a hands on workshop for you. Its FUN, and very POWERFUL program for all. It is the balance of life.
Limit: 15 people per class Classes are 2 hours long.

Personal Coaching and Public Speaking Events
We do it all for YOU! Leave the work to us.
We can use your materials and subjects for group speaking or public speaking events.


Music Therapy Program – NEW!

This is a 4 week/30 day program limited to 10 people per class. We will show how the music we listen to affects our daily behaviors.
It is very informative and will enlighten all who attend to be more careful about what they listen to daily. We show proof how positive music can change the way we react to everyday problems.
We also assist anyone attending who wants to become a DJ!

Winners Circle Program (for ex-cons)
This is a NEW program designed strictly for ex-cons or those who committed crimes to live.
We will assist them learning how to take a negative and turn it into a positive outcome. This program is given to private groups of 10 people per group to support and strengthen each other.

Expert Witness
We do an assessment on juveniles who have been charged with an adult crime facing adult prison as a minor. Attorneys hire us for this service, not family, but families can hire us privately if need be.
We visit minor at facility and give written reports back to attorneys involved on our findings
We testify in court on the mindset of the minor in our professional opinion whether the minor should be considered an adult for sentencing based upon our findings.

Community Support Services
We will meet with you and put together a program for your community to help build a positive relationship with those in authority and local residents.
Like “Unity Games” in San Diego CA which is a HIT!
Just tell us what type of program you need and we will do the rest.
We train you and help you get it going.

Our prices vary, so it is best to contact us for best quote for your need.

communityawarenessbuilder @gmail.com

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